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PID100: Top 10 Things We Learned

December 7, 2012

To round out this amazing week, here is a mostly lighthearted accounting of 10 things we learned in publishing our Public Interest Design 100 infographic:

10. People appreciate being seen and recognized, plain and simple.

9. Facebook friends and family especially like seeing people they care about celebrated.

8. People from Washington, D.C. don’t like initially (and accidentally) being left of a U.S. map. (Taxation without representation?)

7. Our amazingly talented infographic designer, Megan Jett, should (and has) quit her day job.

6. We should have explained that the 100 individuals and teams were ordered by last name, with ladies first in team listings.

5. Many people thought and wished we had done an actual ranking.

4. People don’t like having their names misspelled, maybe even especially when being recognized.

3. President Clinton’s people were inspired enough to write and thank us.

2. Many people love (and love being seen alongside) President Clinton.

1. A lot of people apparently love being associated with Brad Pitt even more.

* Tweeting out to 150 people is a full-time job. No joke.

Click here to view the “Public Interest Design 100,” online at Note: Our regular blogging will continue next week before a holiday break, potentially with a few more special surprises. Stay tuned.

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