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24 Impact Design Organizations to Support on #GivingTuesday

December 2, 2014

Founded in 2012 by New York’s 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation, #GivingTuesday is an annual day when people around the world come together to give back. As the movement continues to grow in the US, countries around the world are leading their own #GivingTuesday movements to encourage giving in their communities. With over 10,000 organizations engaged worldwide, the Impact Design Hub is celebrating #GivingTuesday by encouraging you to support impact design nonprofits from around the globe. To help give you some ideas, we compiled this list of 24 global organizations from our forthcoming database launching in early 2015.


Gearbox is Kenya’s first open makerspace for rapid prototyping.

KickStart International designs irrigation tools that help African farmers start profitable businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.

Rebuild South Sudan is an initiative to help the communities of Southern Sudan help themselves.

Sanergy makes hygienic sanitation affordable and accessible throughout Africa’s informal settlements.


billionBRICKS is an international and multi-disciplinary nonprofit organization which aims to improve the quality of life of the homeless through the power of design and good architecture.

INCLUDED works with migrant communities and slums in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, and Dhaka.

Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate Building offers creative green building solutions using local labor and renewable materials to provide affordable permanent housing especially suited for seismic and severe temperature regions of developing countries.

Proximity Designs creates and markets affordable products and services that enrich the lives of rural families across Myanmar.


AzuKo is an architectural nonprofit with the aim to improve lives in areas with limited assets through community driven, research based design initiatives that are sensitive to local contexts.

Building Trust aims to impact the lives of a million people by 2020 through access to better buildings.

Orkidstudio is a humanitarian design organisation whose focus is to benefit children and communities through innovative design and construction.

Schulbausteine fur Gando promotes development projects in the fields of education, health and agriculture in Gando, Burkina Faso.


Archive Global informs global practices concerning health reforms and housing strategies in our rapidly urbanizing world.

Build Change designs disaster-resistant houses and schools in emerging nations and trains builders, homeowners, engineers and government officials to build them.

Catapult Design is a nonprofit design firm that researches, designs, and develops human-centered products and services to improve the lives of those who need it most.

Design that Matters is a nonprofit design company that works with social enterprises and volunteers to design new products and services for the poor in developing countries.


Architects Without Frontiers aims to build projects with communities in need, focusing on Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Gap Filler is a creative urban regeneration initiative that temporarily activates vacant sites within Christchurch with cool and creative projects, to make for a more interesting and vibrant city.

Playground Ideas improves the education and wellbeing of children in under-resourced communities through training and resourcing communities to build beautiful, safe playgrounds.

Walu International is dedicated to permanently improving the hygiene and sanitary conditions in Papua New Guinea’s coastal communities.


Corazones para Peru is a non-profit association with the goal of sustainably improving living conditions for the indigenous population, especially children, of the Peruvian Andes.

Informal Urban Communities Initiative is a design activism, research and education program based in Lomas de Zapallal, an informal urban settlement in northern Lima, Peru (donation through Architects Without Borders Seattle)

Favela Painting aims to provide an opportunity for people to transform their own neighborhood from a place seen as negative into a place that is able to communicate its creativity, beauty and innovation to the outside world through art.

TECHO is a youth led non-profit organization working to eradicate poverty through community development, awareness building and political advocacy in Latin America & the Caribbean.

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