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Graphic Design Meets Disaster Relief

March 4, 2015

Traditionally, the act of placemaking is not left in the hands of graphic designers. The New York chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) wanted to shift this paradigm by utilizing creative placemaking to help shape the physical, social, and economic future of communities. The AIGA launched Design/Relief projects to support three waterfront neighborhoods still recovering from Superstorm Sandy — Red Hook, Brooklyn; Rockaway, Queens; and South Street Seaport, Manhattan.

“Visible, Legible, and Navigable” is the motto we’ve used as a measure of success since the project’s inception. Like other designers, graphic designers bring unique value to projects: an ability to visualize complex information, a rigorous participatory process, and easily deployable solutions.

Each team utilized a different approach to communicate valuable information to their community. For example the Seaport team created Catch—&—Release, an interactive storytelling tool to bring attention to the forgotten history and culture of South Street Seaport. Read the full descriptions from each of the design teams here.