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How Architecture Can Detangle Complex Geo-Political Relationships

October 6, 2015

Coral Frontiers, a student proposal for coral regeneration on the Island of Diego Garcia, explores how architecture can shift the balance of power, acknowledging the complex connections (and the lack thereof) between the military, the human rights of native inhabitants of the island, as well as environmental challenges.

“The project was done within the studio Architecture and Activism at the Royal College of Art… The studio set out to explore how architects can intervene in the field of politics and critically engage with contemporary urban conditions… [the proposal] explores a speculative scenario in which, due to pressure by the international community and human rights institutions, the [native inhabitants] return to their homeland.”

The proposal takes care to avoid imposing design solutions, and encourages active participation and empowerment of displaced communities.

To learn about the challenges facing the Island of Diego Garcia, read more about the Coral Frontiers proposal here.