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New Book on Learning Socially Responsible Design

February 24, 2016

Designer and educator Elizabeth Resnick has published a collection of 42 case studies, along with essays and interviews, entitled Developing Citizen Designers that explores design’s movement into the social sphere, and more specifically, the sphere of social change. Resnick’s compilation is aimed toward helping students, practitioners, and educators better understand the complexity of designing for social change while preparing them to be socially responsible citizen designers.

“‘[Developing] Citizen Designers’ is a practically and pedagogically focused book, with each chapter addressing a particular area or issue within design practice and education, with an overview framing essay, interviews with practitioners and educators, and assignment briefs through which the reader can understand the process by which a brief is set, met and critiqued.”

Essay topics include design activism, design authorship, collaborative learning, and participatory design. The book also features a contribution from Impact Design Hub’s Assistant Editor, Cinnamon Janzer.  Developing Citizen Designers is now available for pre-order from Amazon and Bloomsbury and released on April 7th, 2016.