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The Twin Cities Wheel: An Infographic of Impact Design

April 6, 2017

It’s our distinct honor to not only officially launch the first piece of the inaugural CITYSeries, but also to introduce these 40 movers and shakers in the impact design space in the Twin Cities. Spanning the environmental, product and service, academic, and public sectors, our Twin Cities Wheel is populated with people and organizations who work towards a social benefit for all, through design in some form, on a daily basis.

Of course this list is hardly exhaustive. The infographic would stretch on endlessly if we included everyone in Minneapolis and St. Paul who are doing this kind of work—there’s simply too much going on and that’s a great thing. However, through careful research and local recommendations, we laboriously selected a diverse sampling of the people and work that occupy the impact design space in these cities. Without further adieu, let us present the Twin Cities Wheel.

Learn, enjoy, and have a look at this printable and downloadable version for those with an affinity for hard copies.

Twin Cities Wheel

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