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IDH Announcement: Moving in a New Direction

November 2, 2017

Dear Impact Design Community,

Over the past five years, Impact Design Hub (and formerly has served as the premier online resource for all things related to design for social impact. Over that time, we have seen a catalytic growth in impact design across disciplines. We also saw our readership grow by tenfold, and celebrated as other media and resources came out supporting this growing field of practice. We’re proud and honored to have played a role, with all of you, in advancing this important work.

It’s in the spirit of that recognition that we announce today that Impact Design Hub will be retiring.

We see this time as the beginning of the next evolution in the field. In fact, many of the people and projects we have surfaced are now regularly covered in more mainstream outlets – a positive indicator that the impact design community has widened and grown to the point where a our site is no longer the one place to find relevant information.

The team managing and supporting Impact Design Hub is extremely proud of the work that has been produced in the last five years. Our decision to shift the resources required to produce quality content for the site and community it serves means that we will be focusing on other ways to advance the field of design as an agent of positive change.

We thank all of the past editors, contributors, management, and especially our lead partner and sponsor, the Autodesk Foundation. Without your support, wisdom and belief in this field, we never could have accomplished what we did.

It is worth pausing to reflect on this significance of this moment. Work that just five years ago operated on the margins, is now very much mainstream, as a result of every one of your collective contributions. Thank you to all the readers and supporters over the years for your loyalty. Please continue your commitment to creating impact on the world through design.


The Impact Design Hub team

(Please follow Autodesk Foundation on Twitter at @AutodeskFdn to stay engaged in the next chapter of the field.)


  1. Thank you for your efforts and great work. If you are looking for another trend to follow and/or support. I’d suggest The Montreal Design Declaration. At the World Design Summit in Montreal last month over 85 international design organizations signed a Declaration that will serve as the foundation for continued international collaboration as well as a call to action to governments, professionals and educational entities. See

    It woudl be helpful to know what sites we should now follow to stay up to date on Impact design.

  2. It feels like a significant loss, but I appreciate the careful intention with which the decision was made.

    The Impact Design Summit, I thought, was a great start to something much needed in DC (and beyond). I hope it continues in some form.

    Best of luck to the team in subsequent pursuits!

  3. Thanks Sandy for this link. And, a huge THANK YOU to IDH at Autodesk Foundation for paving the way for us to do this work and connecting us to each other!

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