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November 13, 2017

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

– Seneca (and Semisonic)

When we started the Autodesk Foundation just a few years ago—with the wildly ambitious idea that all design and engineering work must take into account social and environmental impacts—we needed a mouthpiece to carry that message. The Impact Design Hub has been that platform for us for over 4 years; and it has served the mission well.

During that time, the world has evolved. And the discussion around the impacts of design have progressed. We’re proud that Impact Design Hub has served its purpose of seeding the market for these ideas, and it is now time to look to the horizon and take these conversations even further.

Thank you to all the readers and supporters over the years, in particular the individuals who carried the mantle—from John Cary and Katie Creapeau to Hasdai Westbrook and Andrew Balster—we are all incredibly grateful for your contributions. I also want to acknowledge and thank Autodesk Foundation’s Paige Rodgers for tirelessly championing this effort.

This is not a goodbye, but a “see you soon.” We will continue to support this trailblazing community of designers and engineers who know that we can create the future we want to see. Please continue to visit our friends at Engineering for Change, Core77, Dezeen, Next Billion, SSIR, Fast Company and the many other sites covering this important topic– we’ll be there too.


Joe Speicher

Executive Director, The Autodesk Foundation


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