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Energy-efficient Stud Wall Panels

August 22, 2017
Below and attached is some current information about our wall panels for construction of energy-efficient homes and apartments.   It is not necessary to have previous experience with our panels.  We offer a day of... Read More

SURI (Shelter Unit for Rapid Installation)

May 10, 2016
SURI is an innovative concept of shelter for emergency accommodation. Leader / Director: Pedro Sáez


March 4, 2015
Driptech is an international water technologies company whose mission is to alleviate poverty by creating extremely affordable, water efficient irrigation solutions.


March 4, 2015
The Brilliance phototherapy lamp for treating jaundice is a device that reduces the effects of jaundice in newborn infants.


March 4, 2015
The Mazzi milk jug for dairy farmers reduces spillage and spoilage.

Vaccine Storage Device

March 4, 2015
The Passive Vaccine Storage Device keep vaccines at appropriate temperatures for a month or more with repeat vaccine retrievals and no need for electricity.


March 4, 2015
BioLite products deliver clean cooking and electricity using nothing but wood for fuel, bringing energy everywhere.


March 4, 2015
d.light is a global solar energy company delivering affordable solar home and power solutions designed for the two billion people in the developing world

The Noun Project

March 4, 2015
The Noun Project is a web platform of symbols to encourage cross-cultural communication.

Embrace Innovations

March 4, 2015
Embrace Innovations is a social enterprise working to help millions of vulnerable babies through its revolutionary infant warmers.


March 4, 2015
Fuseproject develops cohesive brand + product experiences.

The FEMEX™ female condom

March 4, 2015
The Femex air-infused female condom gives women control over their own protection.

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