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Energy-efficient Stud Wall Panels


Below and attached is some current information about our wall panels for construction of energy-efficient homes and apartments.


It is not necessary to have previous experience with our panels.  We offer a day of onsite training.  After a few hours, the crews prefer to be left alone, and we rarely stay the whole day.  The panels install quickly and easily.  All that is required is one experienced carpenter and three laborers.


Our high-energy efficiency wall panels include factory air-tightened and waterproofed window installation.


The panels install at the rate of 31 lineal feet per hour.


Here is a link to a write-up at the website of the American Institute of Architects on one of our single-family projects:


Here are links to the Installation Manual and case studies on two apartment buildings we supplied in Philadelphia.  One is Whitehall (3 stories), and the other is Capital Flats 2 (four stories).


Installation Manual




Capital Flats 2


I also have provided two attachments:


  • 2-story diagram shows how we integrate with typical construction


  • Exploded view (panel anatomy)


I have a live one-on-one Go To Meeting presentation I can present online to you if you like.

Target Population

Affordable Housing developers, designers and contractors


US and Canada