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Enrol Yourself

The Brief

Enrol Yourself is a platform for affordable, flexible lifelong learning. Apply now to join a Learning Marathon: a six month self-led learning accelerator. You pursue your goals from within a diverse, committed peer group - with access to the collective networks, skills and support. Designed for those who are working to integrate learning into their life.


Multiply your momentum, creativity and purpose by joining an interdisciplinary learning community where your peers are your cohort and your faculty.

You might want to re-design school systems, imagine a post-capitalist world through performance or code your way to Mars. Either the specific course you need doesn’t exist, the field is moving faster than the institution, or you’re simply excited about learning by stepping into the unknown.

The Marathon is designed to integrate alongside your work and life. You might be working full-time or part-time, employed or independent – and you’re able to make a minimum time commitment of 5 hours per week. The Marathon structure will support you to set your goals and make progress toward them. Across the six month period there are three intensive weekends, a whole group meetup once every two weeks and buddy group check ins on the off weeks.

This is for you if you:

  1. Have a project or venture up your sleeve or in action
  2. Are looking for a skills boost or career transition
  3. Are finally prioritising a creative passion or pursuit

Features include:

  • Diverse, committed peer group
  • Collective momentum and support
  • One to one and group coaching
  • Access to the combined network
  • Design your own curriculum
  • Skill sharing
  • A safe space for experimentation
  • Admin support

“Multiply by twelve the resources, knowledge, experience and encouragement you would have by yourself.” 2016/17 participant

“I can’t believe how much I’ve made happen, and all the new connections I’ve made. I really don’t think I could have done this without the support of the group and the structure of meet-ups. I feel very grateful to be part of Enrol Yourself.” 2016/17 participant

Start Date

May 12th 2017

Eligibility Requirements

Commitment to a peer-to-peer, self-led approach to learning; creative and proactive; 3+ years work experience.

Application Deadline

April 12th 2017