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Gorbeia Energy S.L. / ARGIA Project


Gorbeia Energy S.L is a micro-business company located in the Basque region of Spain, that specializes in the fabrication and project development of 100- kW wind turbines. Based on the potential of the 100-kW wind turbine to self-generate energy.  Gorbeia Energy S.L provides renewable energy solution to two main sectors:

Private Sector – Hotels, manufacturing industries, agricultural farms, mines, remote communities, golf courses, and airports.

Public Sector – NGO, Government Institutions, Agricultural Institutions, Development banks, Low-Income remote communities

ARGIA Project
Gorbeia Energy S.L has also initiated a design research project called ARGIA Project.  This project focuses in the design and development of a micro-grid system for remote and/or non-developed communities with no electricity and infrastructure.

Target Population

Private and Public Sector