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Laboratorio de Gobierno

The Brief

Laboratorio de Gobierno is a multidisciplinary and interministerial team of the Government of Chile, announced by President Michelle Bachelet on May 21, 2014, commanded to develop, facilitate and promote innovation processes focused in users within services State.


Governments around the world are operating under a new context. The public sector is facing new and more complex social, economic and cultural challenges; the citizens are overly connected, with much more access to information, greater demands of participation in the political system and progressive trust issues with the public sector. In this setting, governments are commanded to think of new and better ways to create and deliver public value, and develop concrete methods to do it.

The Chilean government has had a long tradition of reforms, modernization and innovations from the 90’s, but today we have a different mandate: to address the challenges we are facing as a country and as the President said, “We have to go one step beyond modernization, promoting an innovative state” This Government has opened a new cycle, of new and profound transformations and reforms, with new ways of approaching to public challenges.

With this in mind, the Laboratorio de Gobierno is aiming to put the citizens right in the center of its concerns and developed profound innovation processes. However this requires a controlled space, that permits to take risks, connect with the diversity of agents that relate with public services to co create y test solutions

¿Why does Chile needs to innovate on the public sector?

There are at least three imperatives to innovate:

  • Enhace productivity: Many OECD countries are facing periods of financial deficit after the crisis in 2008. On this context, governments have to address a challenge: make better and more public services with the same resources or much less.
  • Trust crisis: This is a phenomenon present in Chile, regionally, and around the world, where the levels of trust of the citizens towards the public sector has been steadily low.
  • The complexity of the problems: society – and by that, governments -, are now facing even more complex, multidimensional and interrelated problems. In order to deal with them, governments need new ways of approaching them, multiple looks and co-creation between users, public servants and other actors, like entrepreneurs and the academia.

This three imperatives position innovation like a powerful way to approach the different challenges of the governments.

Is in this context where the Laboratorio de Gobierno of the Government of Chile appears, as a privileged space to imagine, design and co-create the public services that a government should deliver to a new citizenship, alongside diverse actors.

The Laboratorio de Gobierno has three lines of action, every one of them with specifics projects, that aim to create a public innovation movement inside and outside the State:

Innovation projects

We develop innovation projects by detecting problems, co – creating and designing ideas and implementing solutions in order to make better public services.

Innovation capabilities

Constantly providing support for the innovation processes inside the public institutions, through programs like Experimenta, training courses and the follow up of their projects.

Ecosystem & Investments

We invest in solutions for public problems, creating a better relationship between the Government and the private talent in order to implement better public services for everyone.