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Artists For Humanity

September 11, 2017
Artists For Humanity’s (AFH) mission is to bridge economic, racial, and social divisions by providing under-resourced urban youth with the keys to self- sufficiency through paid employment in art and design. Our mission is built on twin philosophies: Engagement in the creative process is a powerful force for social change, and creative entrepreneurship is a productive and life-changing opportunity for young people and their communities.

5th EARTH ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION: Designing a Rural Arts Center for Senegal

July 17, 2017
OBJECTIVE The objective is to design a modern mud type to be built as a unit of a residential vocational school for unemployed rural youths of ages 16 to 25 years to undergo a 2-year skills development training in the vocational arts and design. We want the school plan to emphasize sustainable architecture and cost efficient construction. Thus, we want the buildings to fully integrate earth architecture and passive solar design. The challenge is to design one of the following types for the school: a classroom type, cafeteria type, office building type, dormitory type, group toilet type, cafeteria type, dormitory type, dwelling type for the local teachers, and guest house type for our international visiting staff. Contestants are to design the school type for construction by maximum use of earth and local labor. Total costs of constructing the design entry is not to exceed $10,000 (USD) for materials and labor. The construction site will be Diakounda village in Sédhiou Region of the Casamance in Senegal. The jurors will use judging criteria involving form, function and technical issues to select three prize-winning designs. Specifically, the jurors will award prizes for first, second and third place consisting of a commemorative certificate and cash prizes to the winning designs as follows: 1st prize - $1,000 or construction of design in Senegal plus a trip to Senegal for a workshop to build the winning design (in case the winner does not reside in Senegal and to a maximum of 1 person); 2nd prize- Construction or $700 and 3rd prize- Construction or $400. Honorable mentions will be awarded. Every design team that makes the Top 40 Entries shortlist will be offered the opportunity to build their design in Senegal or Gambia in collaboration with the project organizers. The fee per entry is $40 for individual and $60 for a team for early registration (July 13-31) and standard registration (August 1-October 13) is $50 for individual and $70 for a team. Here is where to register: . For additional information, see the competition discussion board: . Take the design-build challenge! Make your name known! Let’s create change where it is most needed. 

Pomegranate Center

March 9, 2015
 Pomegranate Center has developed an effective model for helping communities prepare for the future using collective creativity, meaningful engagement and powerful collaboration. 

d.School : The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford

March 4, 2015
The brings students and faculty from radically di?erent backgrounds together to develop innovative, human-centered solutions to real-world challenges.

Public Works

March 4, 2015
Public Works is a London based non-profit that is an art and architecture practice working within and towards public space.

Something in Particular

March 4, 2015
Something in Particular (SIP) is an initiative founded in 2011 aimed at bringing deserved attention to the modern day creatives shaping the South, from the artists to the social innovators. They seek to explore, inform and connect creativity across the region in order to elevate the South to a larger international audience

Architecture Explorations

March 4, 2015
The Architectural Explorations program engages students from Kindergarten through High School in architectural projects to increase their awareness of social issues and skills in creative thinking.

Play lab

March 4, 2015
PlayLab experiments and innovates across a spectrum including publishing, graphic design and installations. The collaborative art and design practice is interested in new opportunities to do design, make and play.

Heidelberg Project

March 4, 2015
The Heidelberg Project is art, energy, and community. It’s an open-air art environment in the heart of an urban community on Detroit’s East Side. They use discarded objects to create a two block area full of color, symbolism, and intrigue.

Creative Time

March 4, 2015
Creative Time is guided by three core values: art matters, artists’ voices are important in shaping society, and public spaces are places for creative and free expression.

Experimental Station

March 4, 2015
The Experimental Station is working to build independent cultural infrastructure on the South Side of Chicago

No Longer Empty

March 4, 2015
No Longer Empty is a contemporary art organization that aims to widen and engage the audience for contemporary art while revitalizing community corridors by introducing high caliber curated exhibitions with accompanying cultural and educational programming in vacant spaces throughout the city.

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