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May 18, 2016
Agenda28 is an impact design studio created at the Harvard Innovation Lab offering design strategy, brand identity, digital design and product design. The studio gives scholarships to talented designers from emerging economies where they work along with Agenda28's top designers to transform their design practice.

100 urban entrepreneurs

March 17, 2015
100 Urban Entrepeneurs is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping provide a meaningful, long-term economic boost to urban communities throughout the United States by supporting minority entrepreneurship at its earliest stages.

Greater Good Studio

March 9, 2015
Greater Good Studio offers workshops, research and strategy, and design and prototyping services for businesses to promote positive social change. Using an asset based, human-centered model, the firm designs environments, experiences, products and services that help businesses make a difference.

Gravity Tank

March 4, 2015
Innovation consultancy firm gravitytank offers strategy, design, operations and research services for businesses and organizations. gravitytank helps businesses figure out what to do and how to do it in order to grow their social and economic value.


March 4, 2015
Doblin takes a “total innovation” approach that helps businesses invest in innovative projects while maintaining a healthy bottom line. Doblin’s diverse team of designers, engineers, MBAs and social scientist brings rich perspectives and insights into innovation in the business world.

Celery Design

March 4, 2015
Celery Design Collaborative helps brand companies that provide sustainable products and services through innovative, user-based design. Celery works collaboratively to provide thoughtful brand strategies, packaging, and print and web media.


March 4, 2015
MAYA focuses on applying human-centered design to information and technology products and services. By using information architecture and iterative prototyping, MAYA creates technology that is intuitive and effortless for people to use

Tulane Regional urban design Center

March 4, 2015
Tulane Regional Urban Design Center works with graduate students in collaboration with local organizations to increase the urban potential of the area.


March 4, 2015
Imperative develops assessment tools and workshops that help individuals and organizations find a sense of purpose in their work and community. Imperative strives to reshape the workplace culture and empower individuals to truly live lives of purpose and meaning.

Truth Studio

March 4, 2015
TRUTHstudio seek questions that shift perspectives and reveal new paths of inquiry. 

Pellegrino Collaborative

March 4, 2015
Pellegrino Collaborative works with corporations and agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions to develop the organization’s brand and social impact. The multidisciplinary team of collaborators provides impactful communications, programming and strategies for clients.

AmIa Designer

March 4, 2015
AmIaDesigner helps organizations and individuals become creative problem solvers through teaching Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation strategies. Through lectures, workshop, toolboxes and consultations, AIaD empower all people to act as designers of positive change.

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