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October 10, 2017
The Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) presents as an online platform for engaging students, teachers, and mentors in the design process. 

Design Intelligence Conference

May 10, 2016
The Design Intelligence Conference will be held on April 30, 2016 at The New School and will feature a panel discussion, keynote, skill-based workshops, and networking opportunities for both New School students and the greater... Read More

Net Impact

May 10, 2016
Net Impact members believe they will be equipped to do more good with experience and skills in interdisciplinary collaboration and design principles. In response, we created the Impact Design Initiative. Through it, members connect, learn,... Read More

Philippines Bamboo Workshop

May 10, 2016
The Philippines Bamboo Workshop is a study abroad program of the University of Washington Department of Architecture. This program is a hands-on cultural immersive experience. With bamboo as the medium of exploration, participants will collaborate... Read More

Public Workshop

March 9, 2015
A cheerleader of possibility, Public Workshop creates uniquely engaging opportunities for youth and their communities to shape the design of their cities.

Pomegranate Center

March 9, 2015
 Pomegranate Center has developed an effective model for helping communities prepare for the future using collective creativity, meaningful engagement and powerful collaboration. 


March 9, 2015
Archeworks uses public interest design education to build more sustainable and equitable communities regardless of the community’s resources. Their programs and workshops equip designers with the skills and tools necessary to work with communities most in need of high impact design.

The Supply

March 4, 2015
The Supply activates urban slum youth to create the cities of tomorrow through a network of community secondary schools centered on service learning.

Miami Center for Community Engagement in Over the Rhine

March 4, 2015
The Miami Center for Community Engagement in Over the Rhine establishes collaborations between Miami University and community groups in Over-the-Rhine in order to forge opportunities for student, faculty, and community learning in cross-disciplinary and inter-cultural experiences.

SCI-Arc Community Design Program

March 4, 2015
SCI-Arc engages various local communities by spearheading a number of tactical, action-based projects, which enable students to collaborate directly with community agencies and undertake design/build projects.

Design Matters at Art Center

March 4, 2015
Designmatters engages, empowers, and leads an ongoing exploration of art and design as a positive force in society through research, advocacy, and action.

Rochester Regional Community Design Center

March 4, 2015
The Rochester Regional Community Design Center is a group of design professionals, planners and citizens with a shared interest in defining, promoting and helping to implement design excellence and sustainability in the built environment.

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