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Open Architecture Collaborative

July 6, 2016
The Open Architecture Collaborative is the platform for bringing together under resourced communities and architectural designers to actualize their full potential through positive action. The international network provides organizational support, individual trainings and resources, and a global network platform for community focused, volunteer design chapters.

Terra Watt Prize

March 6, 2015
The Terra Watt Prize is the inaugural challenge of the National Geographic New Pacific Prize Program. The Terra Watt Prize supporst entrepreneurs and investors in the quest to bring basic access to electricity to people worldwide.

Kay, Ethan

March 4, 2015
Ethan Kay is Director of Emerging Markets at BioLite, a social enterprise that designed the Biolite HomeStove, which runs on clean fuel and provides off-grid power in remote villages.

Klein Jorasch, Gina

March 4, 2015
Gina Klein Jorasch is the director of the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED), a $150 million fund to design, develop, and scale innovative solutions to relieve poverty worldwide.

Advance Aid

March 4, 2015
Advance Aid is all about innovation in humanitarian aid and development. Their aim is to look for new approaches and to bring all of the creativity and skills of the business world to the provision of aid and development products and services.

Minimum Cost Housing Group

March 4, 2015
The Minimum Cost Housing Group researches low-cost solutions and materials that can inform the sustainable, affordable development of poor neghborhoods.

Groundwork Institute

March 4, 2015
Groundwork Institute is a non-profit organization concerned with creating low cost, environmentally sound communities based on the participation of the people who live in them.

Brute Labs

March 4, 2015
Brute’s small volunteer team takes uses rapid prototyping and quality to design to solve pressing social issues across the globe. Through good design, Brute inspires others to take action and engage in their method of “open source altruism.”

Harrison, Viktoria

March 4, 2015
Viktoria Harrison is the creative director at charity: water, a nonprofit whose mission is to bring clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries, with design and storytelling being key to the organization's myriad campaigns.

Blossom, Eve

March 4, 2015
Eve Blossom is founder of Lulan Artisans, a social enterprise partnering with Southeast Asian weavers to work towards economic sustainability for local artisans and their communities. Blossom supports these artisans and their communities through paying sustainable wages, creating economic stability, growing local economies and assisting with other social benefits - such as education, housing, healthcare - as well as opening up new markets for their products. 

Cabunoc, Alex

March 4, 2015
Alex Cabunoc is a co-creator of the GiraDora, a foot-powered washing machine designed to save time and water, improving comfort and health, and alleviating poverty by providing a mechanism to generate income.

Cedar, Jonathan

March 4, 2015
Jonathan Cedar is a co-founder of Emerging Markets at BioLite, a social enterprise that designed the Biolite HomeStove, which runs on clean fuel and provides off-grid power in remote villages.

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