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The Fun Palace 023: Marika Shioiri-Clark

November 9, 2017
Marika Shioiri-Clark is a designer working on the vanguard of public interest. She’s based in Cleveland and maintains an integrated focus working both locally with development projects in her own neighborhood, but also globally with... Read More

The Fun Palace 022: Leslie Koch

October 4, 2017
On a recent trip to New York we were delighted by our opportunity to sit down with Leslie Koch in Brooklyn. We discussed growing up in New York City in the 1970s, working both in... Read More

The Fun Palace 021: SILO AR+D

September 27, 2017
Marc Manack and Frank Jacobus run the firm SILO AR+D. This is an office that may not be on your radar yet but it should be — because their work is both provocative and rigorously articulated. We... Read More

The Fun Palace 020: George Aye

September 20, 2017
George Aye is a brilliant thinker and designer. He and his partner, Sara Cantor Aye, founded Greater Good Studio a few years ago on the idea that design can push us closer to equity. George... Read More

The Fun Palace 019: Orkidstudio

September 11, 2017
Featuring Andrew Perkins, Projects Director of Orkidstudio.   Orkid tackles design-build in a really holistic way by utilizing knowledge that already exists, introducing new ideas when appropriate, and increasing local representation on their teams. This group is... Read More

The Fun Palace 018: Rich Alapack

August 30, 2017
From baseball, to internet 1.0, tumblr brand strategy, and now we all live here. Meet Rich Alapack, a Canadian-Chicagoan with a powerful idea that he uses to help bring us closer together. Last year Rich... Read More

The Fun Palace 017: Christine Gaspar

August 18, 2017
Christine Gaspar is the Executive Director of CUP, The Center for Urban Pedagogy based out of New York City. In this interview we learn about Christine’s beginnings in environmental studies and how this led her... Read More

The Fun Palace 016: Ryan Ross

August 4, 2017
Ryan Ross is the Program Director for the phenomenal Halcyon Incubator in Washington, D.C. Ryan has an absolute passion for helping young business leaders. As one of the central figures of the Halcyon staff, he... Read More

The Fun Palace 015: Eric Sannerud

July 31, 2017
In the spring of 2017 Impact Design Hub did an in-depth survey of the people and projects that make the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul national leaders in the movement toward design for... Read More

The Fun Palace 014: Mia Scharphie

July 10, 2017
This episode of the Fun Palace brings you into the world of Mia Scharphie. Mia is a thoughtful and soulful designer constantly pushing towards the edge of impact design. Trained in landscape architecture, she now... Read More

The Fun Palace 013: John Cary

June 27, 2017
Listen to this episode on iTunes and subscribe to The Fun Palace Podcast here! This is an extremely special interview for the Impact Design Hub team because John Cary was the founder of, which was the site... Read More

The Fun Palace 012: Xavier Wrona

June 7, 2017
Xavier Wrona is a French architect and professor whose ongoing series “Architecture as a Political Practice” examines various social issues, including war and labor, and is shifting its focus next towards public health. Xavier is... Read More

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