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The Fun Palace 018: Rich Alapack

August 30, 2017

From baseball, to internet 1.0, tumblr brand strategy, and now we all live here.

Meet Rich Alapack, a Canadian-Chicagoan with a powerful idea that he uses to help bring us closer together.

Last year Rich started experimenting with the phrase we all live here as chalk “graffiti” which then grew into a sort of public mantra. What started off as a tumblr blog, now is a full-fledged project with a second component called ACT (which stands for Art, Community, and Technology), a school program he designs with each individual school to teach public art, creativity, and courage.

Rich is trying to make equity cool, something he believes it always has been. He celebrates the weird and wonderful in all of us and believes that these simple words can give kids the tools to stand up for what they know is right in the face of  bullying and hatred.

Some of societies most difficult-to-talk-about issues (income inequality, gender inequality, racial inequality, sexual equality, environmental issues) can be packed into this simple phrase. Listen here to learn how Rich got started and understand a bit about how he sees the world.

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