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The Fun Palace 020: George Aye

September 20, 2017

George Aye is a brilliant thinker and designer. He and his partner, Sara Cantor Aye, founded Greater Good Studio a few years ago on the idea that design can push us closer to equity. George is obsessed with finding “places where you don’t expect design to show up.” But you won’t see Greater Good leading with their expertise in design…they try to meet people where they are, listen, and observe. They are intentionally selective with their clients, showing some of the highest degrees of integrity of any firm we’ve come across.

In this episode, hear George recount his early days as a visual designer at IDEO where we felt first-hand imposter syndrome. Learn how the folks at Greater Good are confronting power and their internal biases, how they practice optimism, and how they wrestle with the tensions and contradictions inherent to their work.

Please bear with us…this conversation was recorded over dinner so there is a perceptible background noise. But we promise you George is able to cut right through it.



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