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The Fun Palace 021: SILO AR+D

September 27, 2017

Marc Manack and Frank Jacobus run the firm SILO AR+D. This is an office that may not be on your radar yet but it should be — because their work is both provocative and rigorously articulated. We caught up with them in Chicago, where they are leading a team of students working on a set of compelling pavilions focused on Public Housing that will be showcased at the Chicago Architecture Biennial. Marc and Frank are an interesting team, who combine a hard-scrabble American pragmatism with refined design sensibility. Their work stands out as a compelling synthesis of design excellence, sustainability, and thoughtful focus on social issues.

In this conversation we learn how the two of them integrate oppositional approaches with an equal ethic and shared enthusiasm. They love to work in the physical world because of the transformative power of building. As educators they encourage their students to break past theory and strive for something built. Along with their keen design sense and grit they bring a healthy skepticism to the social impact design practice.

SILO AR+D practices architecture, research, and design from Ohio, North Carolina, and Arkansas (and occasionally Chicago).

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